The Rookie's Guide to Shopping Round Top

Photo Credit: Youtube  Kameron A.  

Photo Credit: Youtube Kameron A. 

So... you've conquered McKinney Trade Days and Canton, and this year you decided to go for the gold and shop the Round Top Antique Fair. You go girl! Let me be the first to say that Round Top really is all it's hyped up to be!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I'm sure you've heard this event is huge... that's an understatement! There are white tents as far as the eye can see! Vendors are in the hundreds (if not thousands!) selling anything your vintage lovin' heart could want. Don't be overwhelmed when you pull into town, we've got you covered. Here are some of our tips and tricks to make your trip totally worth it!

Must Stop Shops

MARBURGER: If you love French style like we most definitely do, stop here! This is where you will find more of the high-end furniture and collectibles. We love it here, beautiful things are not hard to find. That's what is so fun about Round Top, there is always an incredible amount to choose from!


WARRENTON: If you came to Round Top to realize your Pickers' dreams, Warrenton is the place to be! Warrenton isn't technically in "Round Top" but it's so close (on Washington Road just before you arrive in Round Top) it'd be wrong to skip it! There is tremendous variety here and you never know what you'll find. (The prices aren't half bad either!)

3. Our Favorite Food

Bader Ranch - Round Top Texas
Bader Ranch - Round Top Texas

BADER RANCH: European Antiques and a cafe?! What more could you want? The food is to die for and the antiques are beautifully curated. You'll be drooling over the food and the decor. 

Pro Tip: You'll need a reservation, so check out their Facebook page here for their phone number.

Fun fact: we found a pair of French barn doors here last year that will be on the back of the new Merc building!

Royer's Cafe - Round Top Texas

ROYER'S CAFE: This place is a Merc favorite and a classic go-to. Awesome gourmet food and delicious pies. No need to dress up (we LOVE THAT). Did I mention they have pies? Definitely give this place a visit or regret your mistake for the rest of your life. Dramatic? Not at all. 

Whether you have two days or two weeks, you would never be able to see it all. So just take your time and enjoy the journey! Definitely bring your comfy sneakers, a tape measure, an umbrella, and a friend. You're going to have so much fun!

Happy Hunting!

-Merc Squad