Project Profile II: Farmhouse Fresh


I first met to Lauren when she came into The Merc and grabbed a couple of our wall-hanging succulents about a month ago. She can also be known around store as the one who "buys all the cutest stuff". Apart from having absolutely incredible taste (wink) Lauren was nice enough to open up her home for us to share her design story. 

The little family of four just landed in a new home, and started nearly from scratch with furnishings. A blank canvas? Yes please... Many Merc items are scattered throughout the living, kitchen, and dining areas. 


Above the sink you'll see a couple of the succulent pots we share a love for!

This white ladder was the perfect balance for the narrow wall space.

Bread boards can serve both decoration and function. Who doesn't love anything dual purpose?

We have been crazy about these ceramic stackable measuring cups since day one! They take farmhouse kitchen to a different (and better) level.

My personal favorite spot - the dining table. Our gray quilted pillows accented the booth seating perfectly. And how can you have a country-style kitchen without some cotton stalks?

Here are a few design tips from Lauren:

1. Always shop local or shop small first! These shops are full of one-of-a-kind pieces, that almost always come with a story! I search for my main pieces there and shop elsewhere for fillers to complement my local finds.

2. We LOVE to travel, and we always carry inspiration from our journeys into our home. Try to incorporate favorite design elements & ideas you love. Whether that means bringing home pieces of local art, or sometimes just inspiration, always try to find new ways to make your home feel like your favorite vacation spot!

3. The "no fuss approach". Keep things simple and personal. If you love it, if it's a great memory for you, then display it in your home! Fill your home with things that make you smile!

"The Merc has by far been my favorite place to shop for my new home! I have found some of my favorite things here!"

Thank you to the Monroe family for the hospitality - it's people like you that makes this so enjoyable!

Do you have a house full of Merc decor? We would love to feature a project on your story and style! Just shoot an email with details to We can't wait to hear from you!

Until next time-