12 Days of Gifts: Resoycled Candle Co.




If you haven't been in to smell these amazing soy candles - then you are definitely missing out! we picked up this candle line almost four months ago now, and they have been selling like hot cakes! On top of smelling UH-MAZING they also have a couple other key benefits if you're a candle-fiend like myself...

  1. They have a far reach - My NUMBER ONE complaint with other candle brands. If I can't smell it until I'm so close I could burn myself, then why even buy the candle? All the Resoycled scents fill the room with a warm and inviting fragrance of my choice... and there's where my problems start... which one to choose when I love them all?!
  2. They have a long burn life - because who doesn't need to stretch a dollar, amiright? A girl still has to have money for lipstick and chic-fil-a! We burn these candles in the store almost all day five days a week, and they last several weeks at this rate. I have found that their 80 hour burn time is almost exact, and one of the highest of the soy candles I've tried.
  3. They are locally sourced - being involved in the small business community is something we value highly here at The Merc. These candles are poured right around the corner in Denton, TX! #shopsmall is the way to go!

Incase you're not sold already, listen to how the fonder, Carrie describes her passion for candle making. "I pour each and every one of the candles you will find here. Resoycled is the result of my love for clean and simple, well-crafted housewares and all things vintage. My goal is to bring you the goods to help you create the coziest space possible and I believe that being environmentally conscious is an important part of that. I take salvaged vintage finds, recycled glass jars, and recyclable metal tins and turn them into comforting, eco-friendly pieces that are suitable for any space." She expresses this and more on her website www.resoycledcandleco.com


We are stocked up for the holidays! So you can come by and grab the perfect gift for that special someone - or for yourself, we promise not to tell! 

Until next time-

Merc Squad


all photo credit: Resoycled Candle Co. (www.resoycledcandleco.com)